Symbiotics Sandbox +

This program aims to match a new startup with an established corporate business based on common goals to create a long term relation that results in business growth.

With the potential for corporate investment, this partnership can free startups from funding constraints and will allow entrepreneurs to focus on growth.

This partnership will also help to enhance the reputation of the startup by providing references and networking opportunities on an international level.

This type of relationship has many benefits to the corporate investor as well, including the innovation and perspective that a new business can bring to complex internal business.

“Partnerships between incumbent players and startups are the way forward for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be sustainable in the long term. I’m talking about a model where start-ups use technology to add value to existing players without necessarily disrupting them. Deliveroo does exactly this with restaurants, Gett with taxis and Opportunity Network with corporates and banks”
–  Enrica Sighinolfi, Opportunity Network